Conservation Projects

Active/In Progress Projects

Reproductive physiology of Mount Graham red squirrels to support ex situ propagation

Mt. Graham red squirrel female with juvenile

Effects of Human Disturbance on Behavior and Population Connectivity

young bobcat in dappled sunlight

Biodiversity and Connectivity in the Borderlands

Two kit fox look toward camera with moon in background

Current status, habitat use, and variables that influence human-bear conflict in Andean bears in Colombia

Andean Bear

Linking field ecology with zoo-based conservation: Gartersnakes (Thamnophis spp.) as models for conservation in the Southwest

Narrowheaded garter snake

Investigation of Factors Influencing the Decline in an Emblematic Bushveld Savanna Tree Species

Close-up of elephant facing camera

Effects of roads and wildfire on the endangered Mount Graham red squirrel

Mt. Graham red squirrel on burned log

 Completed Projects

Conserving Imperiled Species in Highly Altered Environments: Habitat Modeling Tools and Techniques for Adaptive Management

Efficacy of Gambel's Quail Translocations

Person holding a quail with gloved hands

Small mammal movement response to burn severity in a mixed conifer forest

Packrat covered in green fluorescent powder

Parasite Transmission via Invasive Species

Abert squirrel sits on branch

If you build it will they come? Artificial midden creation and settlement by Mt. Graham red squirrels

Conservation of the freshwater rivers of Nepal: Endangered dolphins as indicators of river system health

Population and spatial ecology of the Pinaleño white-bellied vole, Microtus longicaudus leucophaeus

Terrestrial ecology of the endangered Sonoran tiger salamander, Ambystoma mavortium stebbinsi

Sonoran tiger salamander

Habitat selection of the San Bernardino flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus californicus) in a post-fire landscape

Spatial ecology of gray foxes (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) in southeastern Arizona

Gray fox with GPS collar

Effects of Mammalian Herbivory on Plant Community Assemblage in Semi-Arid Grasslands

Competition between native and introduced species

Abert's squirrel in winter pelage

Effects of Re-establishing Black-tailed Prairie Dog Colonies on Southeastern Arizona Grasslands

Black-tailed prairie dog

Population functioning and change in isolated peripheral and invasive species

Eurasian red squirrel

Mammal detection and identification using non-invasive method: hairtube sampling

Proximate cues and ultimate consequences for natal dispersal and settlement in an altered forest landscape: influence of experience, behavior, and habitat

Mt. Graham red squirrel juvenile with radio collar

Space Use, Sociality, and Foraging Ecology of Antelope Jackrabbits

Antelope Jackrabbit

Differential Response of a Native Arizona Gray Squirrel and an Introduced Abert’s Squirrel to a Mosaic of Burn Severities

Effect of personality on the exploration and settlement stages of natal dispersal

Cliff chipmunk

Road and traffic effects on movements and space use of red squirrels

Mt. Graham red squirrel female basking

Can red squirrel middens influence species diversity?

Assessing Dipodomys spp. foraging response in proximity to a colony of reintroduced black-tailed prairie dogs

Ecology of Neotropical Tree Squirrels

Competition for conifer cones as a potential mechanism of endangerment for the Mt. Graham red squirrel

Factors influencing habitat use by wildlife relative to landscape disturbance

Chiricahua fox squirrel

Response of the Mount Graham Red Squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus grahamensis) to Postfire Conditions

Mt. Graham red squirrel post fire

What can endemics tell us? Space use and ecology of the endemic Arizona gray squirrel

The Socioecology, Mating System and Behavior of Round-Tailed Ground Squirrels (Xerospermophilus tereticaudus)

Round-tailed ground squirrel pup

Movements of Mesocarnivores in a Fragmented Desert Environment

Ecology of the endemic Mearns’s squirrel (Tamiasciurus mearnsi) in Baja California, Mexico

Mearnss squirrel female

Assessment of an introduced population of Mexican red-bellied squirrels (Sciurus aureogaster) in Biscayne National Park, Florida, USA

Differential response to fire by an exotic and an endemic species complicate endangered species conservation

Abert's squirrel in summer pelage

Response of endangered Mt. Graham red squirrels to severe insect infestation

Mt. Graham red squirrel feeding

Variation among red squirrel populations: Ecological differences at the edge of their range and response to fire

Bat diversity, resource use and activity patterns along a Sonoran Desert riparian corridor

Forest disturbance and the long term population persistence of the Mt. Graham red squirrel: a spatially explicit modeling approach

Suitability of Potential Habitat for the Extirpated Arizona Black-tailed Prairie Dog

Black-tailed prairie dog

Space use, ecology, & conservation of Chiricahua fox squirrels

Chiricahua fox squirrel

Small mammal movement response to burn severity in a mixed conifer forest