What is the Mt. Graham Red Squirrel Research Program?

The MGRS research program investigates the factors that influence the status of the federally endangered Mt. Graham red squirrel, a species restricted to less than 500 animals isolated on a single forested mountain top in southeastern Arizona. Wildlife biologists and graduate students research the ecology of the species and the high elevation coniferous forest that provides habitat. 

Long-term red squirrel monitoring programs efforts on population trends and food resources are made available to state and federal agencies, non-government organizations, and the general public through a website, annual reports, and presentations and publications. Initially started in 1989, the program is funded by the University of Arizona as well as grants from state and federal agencies and integrates efforts in ecological monitoring, basic and applied research, graduate and undergraduate education, and outreach.

Professor John L. Koprowski, Wildlife and Fisheries Science

Natural History

Mt. Graham red squirrel with cone

Project History

Mt. Graham Sunset


2 Juvenile Mt. Graham Red Squirrels in tree