General Philosophy

I thoroughly enjoy learning about natural systems and their use and conservation by humans--the mosaic of desert, grasslands, and montane 'sky islands' of the southwestern United States is a wonderful place in which to do so. Since moving to the U of A in Fall 2000, I have been working to establish a research program that focuses heavily on the mammals of the forested montane islands (AKA 'sky islands') and surrounding sea of desert and grasslands. I welcome graduate students with a similar enthusiasm for science and a real passion for the conservation, behavioral, and population ecology of wildlife. The program in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment has a wealth of expertise in applied and basic science with a particular strength in the resources of the desert southwest, sky islands, and borderlands. Because the graduate school experience is where you will develop your professional reputation, selection of the right environment for you is critical, and a real passion for your model system and questions of interest are what help you succeed. If this sounds like the environment for you, consider contacting me or visiting Tucson.


John Koprowski, Professor