What’s on the menu? A presumed attack of Andean bear on a Mountain tapir at the Puracé National Natural Park, Colombia


Gustavo Adolfo Pisso-Florez
Ignacio Gómez-Lora
I. Mauricio Vela-Vargas
Héctor Pizo
Isaac Bedoya Dorado
Héctor E. Ramírez-Chaves

Two iconic and charismatic species that inhabit the northern Andes of South America are the Andean bear (Tremarctos ornatus) and the Mountain tapir (Tapirus pinchaque). Both species can be found sympatrically in several areas of Colombia, Ecuador, and northern Peru. Despite their overlap in distribution, little is known about interactions between both species, with few reported cases of Andean bear attacks on the Mountain tapir. Here, we report a possible attack by an Andean bear on a Mountain tapir in the northern part of Puracé National Natural Park, Colombia based on strong wounds and marks on a tapir’s back and rump. The wounds match typical attack patterns generated by Andean bears and corroborates previous camera traps records of bears attacking tapirs in this locality.

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Behavioral Ecology Natural History Threatened and Endangered Species