Merrick, M.J., J.L. Koprowski, R.N.Gwinn, G.H. Palmer, C.A. Zugmeyer. 2011. Surveys to determine the status of red squirrels in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas. Southwestern Naturalist. 56: 24-28.


Melissa J. Merrick
John L. Koprowski
R. Nathan Gwinn
Geoffrey H. Palmer
Claire A. Zugmeyer

The Pinaleńo Mountains of southeastern Arizona contain the southernmost population of red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) in North America. Red squirrels historically inhabited the Guadalupe Mountains in Trans-Pecos Texas during the Pleistocene and the possibility that red squirrels currently persist has been suggested by several biologists visiting the upper-elevation forests. Herein, we report results of an assessment of small mammals in coniferous forest where we used observational line transects, playback calls, and live trapping to determine status of red squirrels. We surveyed 132 ha of coniferous forest along 8.9 km of transects and observed and found evidence of 10 species of mammals. We detected no evidence of red squirrels inhabiting high-elevation coniferous forest.


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