Lurz, P. W. W., J. L. Koprowski, and D. J. Wood. 2008. The use of GIS and modelling approaches in squirrel population management and conservation: a review. Current Science 95(7): 918-922.


P. W. W. Lurz
John L. Koprowski
D. J. A. Wood

We review modelling approaches in relation to three key areas of sciurid ecology: management, disease risk assessments and conservation. Models enable us to explore different scenarios to develop effective management and conservation strategies. They may also assist in identifying and targeting research needs for tree and flying squirrels. However, there is a need to refine techniques and assure that data used are applicable at the appropriate scale. Models allow managers to make informed decisions to help conserve species, but success requires that the utility of the tool be evaluated as new empirical data become available and models re- fined to more accurately meet the needs of current conservation scenarios.


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