Koprowski, J. L. and M. C. Corse. 2001. Food habits of the Chiricahua fox squirrel (Sciurus nayaritensis chiricahuae). The Southwestern Naturalist 46(1): 62-65.


John L. Koprowski
Michelle C. Corse

The Chiricahua fox squirrel (Sciurus nayaritensis chiricahuae) is restricted to montane forests of the Chiricahua Mountains of southeastern Arizona. We used observations of focal animals to determine the diet of squirrels during summer and winter. Chiricahua fox squirrels feed heavily on seeds of trees, berries of mistletoe, and hypogeous fungi. Diets were most diverse in summer for males, whereas females did not demonstrate significant seasonality of diet. Daily diets were more diverse than reported for other tree squirrels. As in other tree squirrels, Chiricahua fox squirrels appear to be highly dependent on mature forest trees for food. 


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