Jessen, R., M.J. Merrick, J.L. Koprowski, O. Ramirez. 2010. Presence of Guayaquil squirrels on the central coast of Peru: an apparent introduction. Mammalia. 74: 443-444.


Rosa R. Jessen
Melissa J. Merrick
John L. Koprowski
Oswaldo Ramirez

The Guayaquil squirrel (Sciurus stramineus; Eydoux and Souleyet 1841) is a large tree squirrel (approx. 500 g) for which little ecological information exists on status and dis- tribution (Emmons and Feer 1997, Eisenberg and Redford 1999). The historic range stretched from extreme northwest Peru to southwest Ecuador in the area surrounding the Gulf of Guayaquil (Figure 1). Guayaquil squirrels range south along the Andean slope to south Cajamarca, approximately 565 km northeast of Lima, and reach 2000 m in elevation (Emmons and Feer 1997, Eisenberg and Redford 1999, Wil- son and Reeder 2005). This tree squirrel can be found in mature and secondary forest as well as coffee plantations within humid montane forests, highlands and coastal deserts (Emmons and Feer 1997, Pacheco et al. 2009).

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