John Koprowski

Professor Emeritus

Dr. John Koprowski joined the project as director in 2000 and is also Professor of Wildlife and Fisheries Science at the University of Arizona where he teaches courses in General Ecology, Applications of Behavioral Ecology to Conservation Biology, and Small Mammal Conservation and Management. His research interests are focused on the conservation and behavioral ecology of vertebrates, most recently the ecology of rare tree squirrels and an uncommon social carnivore, the coati. Since joining the Red Squirrel Monitoring Project, John has addressed the dearth of information regarding Mt. Graham red squirrel demographics and space use by instating an intensive radio telemetry component which currently employs two full time research assistants. In addition, John has brought on several graduate students - many of whom are studying Mt. Graham red squirrels and whose research has contributed a great deal to what is known about this isolated subspecies. For more information about John and his current research projects and graduate students, please visit John's personal website. Read more about John's academic lineage.