Congrats to Neil Dutt, MSc!

July 1, 2020


Neil Dutt handling white-bellied vole
Melissa Merrick Neil Dutt handling white-bellied vole

We are delighted to congratulate Neil Dutt, MSc. on the successful defense of his Master's thesis today! Neil studied the spatial ecology of the little known white-bellied vole, a subspecies of long-tailed vole endemic to the Pinaleño Mountains of southeastern Arizona. Neil's research has contributed significantly to what we know about the ecology and natural history of this population of conservation concern. From Neil's research, we now have key insights into the mating system, spatial dynamics, and resource needs of this subspecies - information that will be essential for white-bellied vole conservation.

Way to go Neil!


Microtus longicaudus leucophaeus
Melissa Merrick Microtus longicaudus leucophaeus